Soceity of Alexander Technique

Laurie Cannon

I have a strong interest in sharing the benefits that Alexander work can bring to people of all ages. For many years I had a business career in industry and the City, spending my time sitting at a desk and often travelling overseas – unknown to me was the toll this was taking on my physical and mental wellbeing.

Our posture and movement is unique learned behaviour that is highly individual and often we are unaware of how our patterns of use have developed. I later trained as an actor, a field where Alexander work is well known and used to ease the responses of tension in the body. Likewise musicians often seek help for painful conditions brought about by fixed and repetitive patterns of movement. I became fascinated by the concept of the Alexander Technique, seemingly a simple solution to many complex and painful health problems.

My years of training taught me to recognise that the way we move can be changed by conscious attention to our habits, and that this can lead to alterations in how we feel emotionally and physically, as well as bringing relief from pain that many have endured and that some have accepted as normal.

I am interested in working with people of all ages and from all walks of life, to improve their feeling of well being, and to help relieve any pain and discomfort they may be suffering. This work continually helps me in my own life and it is a joy to be able to share it with others.


“As easy as this may sound, it is in fact very hard to change the thought patterns that lead to damaging habits, which is where the help of an Alexander Technique teacher is needed. By the use of the hands and directions, the teacher gives you the experience of new movement patterns that can lead to wide ranging improvements and the resolution of many long established conditions.”


Laurie Cannon.

F.M. Alexander discovered that muscular tension, of which he was unaware, was causing him to lose his voice when reciting on stage. Despite medical opinion that no cure could be found, he did in fact find one for himself.

In the succeeding years, many have learned to practise his Technique, and apply it to a wide range of physical ailments and other conditions. It could be described as a restorative process, as the aim is to make us aware of those habits we ourselves have developed that cause tension in our bodies, and to learn not to do them.

Why take Alexander Technique lessons?

Some reasons for you to consider –


– Look and feel younger.

– Improve your posture.

– Reduce lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

– Improve your movement and balance.

– Feel lighter and stronger.

– Reduce stress and anxiety.

– Improve breathing and vocal ability.

– Eliminate harmful habits.

– Respond better to life’s challenges.

– Renew your experience of yourself.

The Alexander Technique offers the power of transformation every day; a simple concept with profound implications and accessible by all, without the need for rigid training or painful exercises.

The Technique can be simply and powerfully practised without effort as part of your daily routine.

What happens in a session?

Sessions generally consist of working in a chair, sitting and standing, and depending on specific ailments, working to improve the overall effectiveness of movement patterns that have led to pain or restrictions in mobility. This is followed by work on a table – most find this very relaxing and helpful to their overall feeling of well being.

All the work is very gentle and there is no manipulation or force involved; in fact the subtlety of the process is what makes it so effective.

“Learning the Alexander Technique with Laurie has been a great experience in exploring movement and the body. It has enabled me to discover and adjust the places where I hold tension. Our sessions have provided me with knowledge and lessons that I can carry with me and use daily to improve my posture, movement, and alleviate pain. Alexander Technique is a unique process, one akin to dancing! Laurie uses his intuition and knowledge of the body to gently guide your own body to respond to his touch by making its own adjustments. It’s fascinating!”
VT | Brighton

“I was interested in trying the Alexander Technique because I suspected my bad posture was causing my back to hurt. My hip was also starting to bother me, and I was worried that would keep me from exercising.

Laurie explained the Alexander Technique in a way that was easy to understand and helped me notice how changing the way I stand, sit, and move can help me feel a lot better. I am more aware of my body alignment and how I move throughout the day. I feel like I have more energy, and my back and hip have stopped hurting!”
Mary | Hove

“I first approached Laurie to see if Alexander Technique could help with my posture, which I was self-conscious of. I was always hunching and was developing a real head hung forward and a lump beginning to form at the base of my neck. This posture is in my family, so I really wanted to try to deal with it.

I’ve been seeing Laurie for Alexander Technique lessons for several months now and am so happy to say that I rarely hunch any more, but that besides that I have learned so much from the lessons. I walk differently, stand differently, and even interact with the world differently, especially challenges and stresses. The broader lessons in Alexander teach us to stay back and allow things to flow over and around us more. It’s been awesome.

Laurie is a kind, calm and gentle teacher. His sessions mix a lovely balance of teaching and therapy, and I find them relaxing and therapeutic. Highly recommended!”

CV | Hove

Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre

Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre

Complementary Therapies

I am the Alexander teacher at this award winning practice, one of the first in the UK to combine an NHS surgery with complementary therapies, all available under the same roof.

Integrating mainstream medicine with complementary approaches is at the forefront of healthcare in the UK.

BHWC has carefully chosen a team of experienced, professional and caring complementary therapists.  As a practitioner at this centre I am subject to the professional conduct expected at an NHS practice, which includes rigorous compliance with training, insurance and standards of competence.

I work closely with GP colleagues in handling referrals and ensuring the highest level of clinical excellence for patients in my care.


The standard cost for a 45 minute session is £42.00

Concessions are available for the low waged, please just ask me.